Stephen Hoskin Mens Counselling


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Wagawn Street, TUGUN, QLD, 4224



A counselling service for men wanting more awareness, focus and direction in their lives and their most important relationships. Stephen Hoskin: Post Graduate Diploma in Counselling - Victoria University Batchelor of Arts - Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Cert. IV Telephone Counselling - Swinburne University Cert. IV Training and Assessment - ACTE

About the service: It's a complex situation being a man or a young man in today's society. Many of the old roles have changed or are changing and new ways are still being defined. A greater emotional awareness seems to be required not just awareness but also an ability to communicate our inner worlds. A daunting task if we have not had many examples to follow. The counselling service I offer is essentially a self awareness training you will start to be able to map your internal landscapes and gain greater understanding of why you respond to situations the way that you do. With a richer understanding you have greater freedom to choose your response. A larger range of choice at your disposal can lead to change and positive effects both for yourself and your relationships. So whether you are looking for greater intimacy/love/sex with your partner, an open/healthy relationship with your kids, are facing a possible career/life change or are feeling 'stuck' in some way and want to move forward, a counselling session or group work may be something that works for you. About me: I have been working for over ten years now with men and young men and it is work that I love doing! I have worked as a telephone counsellor, as a facilitator in men's behaviour change groups and groups for young men (12-17 y/o). To witness men and young men making meaningful changes in their life and the flow on effect to their relationships and those closest to them has been a true privelage. Please feel free to refer to the website for more details of the service. Regards, Stephen.