HELP Program & Horses Helping Humans


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746 Currumbin Creek Rd, CURRUMBIN, QLD, 4223




The H.E.L.P. (Health Education Lifestyle Program) is based at the beautiful Bird Gardens in the Currumbin Valley. Regular workshops are held on subjects ranging from stress, time management, self-esteem, body image and nutrition as well how to develop emotional control, boundaries and healthy relationship skills. Demonstrations of horse whispering are used in the emotional control workshop as it is an effective ways to see boundaries, mutual respect at work and the importance of being calmly assertive without being aggressive or anxious.

H.E.L.P has been running successfull workshops over the past 10 years on subjects ranging from stress/time management, nutrition, eating disorder /exercise addiction awareness, how to develop healthy boundaries and good communication skills.

Horses Helping Humans is one of HELP's programs which focuses on emotional control. Using demonstrations of horse whispering is an effective way to see boundaries at work as horses mirror our emotions and react to our body language. This can help assist people in recognising lack of boundaries in their own lives in a non threatening enviroment. As participents see the mutual respect flowing from horse to handler,it will encourage them to develop the same respect into other ares of their life, helping them to say NO! effectively and control aggression or anxiety.

Learning emotional control is the corner stone to developing healthy self esteem, confidence and becoming calmly assertive in lifes situations.

Founder of H.E.L.P Sue Spence has over 25 years experience in the health and fitness industry and as well as being a qualified fitness leader and instuctor,is a lecturer and guest speaker on health/fitness, emotional eating, exercise addiction and eating disorders. Formally sponcered by 'NIKE' for her contribution to the fitness industry it is Sue's passion to educate and help enhance poeples lives with health awareness and stress management stratagies.