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Southern Gold Coast

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FREE Things to Do

Currumbin Rock Pools

We all know it gets harder and harder each year for most working families to go away on holiday, however there is a way for you to take your kids on a holiday and jam pack it to the rafters with fantastic things to do that won't cost a lot, in fact they cost very little!

For those who need to be thrifty, this is where it's at! The Southern Gold Coast has so many things to do that are low to no-cost. Of course we have plenty on offer for those who have the cash to splurge, however not everyone fits that bill. We are pleased to be able to say that the Southern Gold Coast caters for all types of budgets!

See for yourself just some of the things that you can do for free on the Southern Gold Coast. You will find that you can create a whole itinerary for your holiday, one that won't cause more stress financially, one that you feel refreshed after enjoying, one that you're family will remember for years to come and most importantly, one that is kind to the hip pocket!

Click on the below links for find out more!

Walks & Lookouts - See the sights from all the best vantage points!

Fishing - Catch a big one

White Sandy Beaches - Pristine Beaches

Hinterland Wonderland - Freshwater pools and creeks to explore all day long!

Bike Riding - Leisurely rides to challenging off-road trails

Great Spots for a Picnic - Family picnic or maybe a romantic date??

Free Events & Festivals - That's right, for FREE!!