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Posted on Wednesday, May 04, 2011

We recently had a lovely chat with Alicia from Boatshed Bait & Tackle, a long standing SGC business, who have discovered a niche for themselves and are taking the bull by the horns! When Alicia & Leo realised they had an opportunity to purchase the Boatshed Bait & Tackle shop on Thrower Dr in Currumbin, they were looking for a change in lifestyle and decided to take the plunge and become small business owners. Being a recreational fisherman, Leo was ready to leave the Air-Conditioning business to change the pace and to combine an enjoyable past-time with some hard work to form a new career path. Alicia came in to help out and do some book-keeping, well that was the intention! Having just discovered the joys of paddle boarding, Alicia took her new Stand Up Paddle (SUP) Board into work one day, planning to go for a paddle in the beautiful Currumbin Creek, little did she know it would be the key to successfully expanding the business! After lots of enquiries about whether her paddle board was for hire, Alicia realised this was a fantastic opportunity that their business was ideally situated and ready for. Already having Kayak's for hire, it became a logical progression to expand their hire equipment and start building a fleet of SUP's. Starting with just 12 boards, they now have 24 SUP boards for hire along with their fleet of 30 kayaks. Offering free lessons, twilight paddles, ladies classes every weekday and teaming up with the Boatshed Restaurant to offer a half price paddle with a pizza, Boatshed Bait & Tackle have seized the day and it has definitely paid off! Anyone who lives works or plays in the Currumbin creek area will have noticed a sizable jump in the number of people taking to the creek with a SUP! For Alicia, paddling is not just part of the business, you can tell by talking with her that it's also a passion. When I asked Alicia why she loves it so much, she said "I was lacking something in my life, and paddling gave me an outlet, a chance to exercise and enjoy the water but also it was a time out for me, like a meditation." The team at CSGC would like to congratulate Leo and Alicia on their hard work and are glad to see a SGC business flourish despite a tough climate out there in the business world! Call the Boatshed Bait & Tackle and try it for yourself, it could be just what you need!

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