Southern Gold Coast Police Beat - Keeping safe while “on ya bike”

Posted on Monday, April 01, 2019

Riding a bicycle is a fantastic way to take in the sights of our beautiful area. It’s also good for the environment and an excellent means to get some exercise. However, there are a few road rules that bicycle riders need to be aware of.

One of the bad habits that we’ve seen bicycle riders adopt with increasing frequency is the use of mobile phones while riding. Whether it’s taking a selfie while riding or sending a text message, using a hand held mobile phone while riding a bicycle is an offence with the same penalty as if you were driving a car – a fine of $391.  

When a bicycle rider is looking at a phone screen instead of the path ahead of them, there is a risk to their own safety as well as other road users, including pedestrians.

Wearing an approved helmet is compulsory in Queensland, with a penalty of $130 for failing to do so. We’ve seen first-hand the devastation caused when an unprotected head hits a road way or gutter. We’ve also seen the damage caused to bike helmets when they’ve done their job in a crash. We still can’t figure out why you’d risk your head for the sake of fashion or comfort.

Some other rules (and penalties) for bicycle riders are:
  • Bicycle rider fail to keep at least one hand on handlebars $130
  • Bicycle rider carry more persons than bicycle designed for $130
  • Bicycle rider on footpath or shared path fail to keep left $130
  • Ride bicycle being towed by vehicle $130
  • Bicycle rider hold on to moving vehicle $130
  • Ride bicycle with no brakes or bell, horn or similar warning device $130
  • Ride bicycle at night without required lights operating and visible $130
This list of rules is not exhaustive and we strongly suggest you check out the Queensland Transport and Mains Road website here.

We look forward to seeing you on your bike – just not on your phone.

Two helmets – two lives saved. The rider wearing the helmet on the right was knocked unconscious even with the helmet.

Police Beat is a regular monthly column provided by the Coolangatta Police Station.

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