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Posted on Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Valuables attract thieves

Stealing from vehicles and unlawful use of a motor vehicle offences continue to be to be our most prevalent property offence types in Coolangatta Division. It is also apparent that despite our earnest attempts to spread the word about not leaving valuables in your car when parked, the message is not getting through.

When leaving your vehicle parked overnight, even in your driveway or carport, we strongly recommend removing valuable items such as handbags, wallets, laptops, GPS devices, dashcams etc from your car. Never leave a spare car key in your vehicle – we unfortunately received two reports last month where cars were stolen because the owner had left a key in the car.

If a thief gets hold of your wallet, they can rack up hundreds of dollars in transactions using Paywave or other contact-less card payment methods before you even realise your card is missing. You can “turn off” Paywave by changing your card settings by accessing the settings in your online bank account.

As the anti-theft devices built into modern vehicles make stealing cars more difficult, most late model cars are now stolen as the result of burglary offences. When at home, hide your car keys in a less obvious location instead of leaving them out in the open on the kitchen bench or dining table.

Small changes in how we deal with our property in our vehicles may see big changes in our crime statistics in the future.

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