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Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018

Putting the brakes on hooning

“Hooning” is the term used to describe driving in a manner that is reckless or shows a lack of consideration for other road users. It includes offences such as dangerous driving, careless driving, driving in a way that creates undue noise and/or smoke, and street racing.

Hooning is taken seriously by police due to the risk that this driving behaviour poses to others who share the roads, including other motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. At the very least, the noise that some hooning activities create can be a nuisance to local residents.

Hooning can be reported online via the Hoon On-Line form located at or by calling the Hoon Hotline on 13HOON (134666). Reporting these offences allows police to target hooning hot spots with increased patrols and time-focussed responses.

Another issue that seems to prompt much debate on social media is whether dashcam footage provided to police by members of the public can be used as evidence of traffic offences. The answer, simply, is yes. Good, clear footage can assist police in the investigation of traffic offences. However, you must be prepared to provide a statement if the matter under investigation proceeds to court. We support and encourage concerned road users to supply footage to us at Coolangatta Police Station.

Targeting hooning requires a collaborative approach between police and the local community, and we invite you to join with us in putting the brakes on hooning.

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