SGC Profile – Jen Plahm, Founder – Alpine + Sea

Posted on Friday, April 27, 2018

After living in an American ski town with strong wind, sun and an elevation of 2500 metres, Jen Plahm saw the toll the elements were taking on her skin.

With substantial international travel for work and sensitive skin that saw her getting allergic reactions to synthetic fragrances, Jen was inspired to formulate her own skin care to meet her needs.

“I can’t walk into a conventional grocery store with cleaning products or a department store with perfumes without getting an allergic reaction,” Jen said.

“I wasn’t happy with the natural products on the market as the natural products were anything but natural.”

“Just like many people want to know where their food comes from, I want the same with skincare.”

Moving to Currumbin presented Jen with a whole new challenge; salt water and the sun. In November 2017, Jen launched Alpine + Sea, a whole plant skincare range sourcing ingredients from local organic and biodynamic farms in Australia and designed to combat the harshest elements.

From masks to hydrating water and body serums, Alpine + Sea bring the most nutrient-dense possible ingredients across in all their products.

Sustainability has also been a priority for Jen, using recyclable glass amber bottles in favour of plastic.

“More than 90% of beauty brands package their ingredients in plastic and I encourage my customers to reuse the bottles even as a vase to put flowers in!”

“We don’t use any animal-derived ingredients and never test on animals.”

From a product that was born out of necessity, Jen was thrilled when Alpine + Sea began to gain national traction.

“The first publication Alpine + Sea was featured in was Gourmet Traveller which was really exciting.”

“Also, receiving feedback from customers saying that they use our products, that they don’t wear makeup anymore or that their skin is glowing is also such a big highlight for me.”

Despite being inspired by global travels, the Southern Gold Coast region has bought its own form of inspiration and support to the local business.

“I love the beauty of the ocean, the organic farms in Currumbin Valley and being able to be active and healthy year round.”

“I am finding that people are really supportive of local brands and wanting this region to really stand out from cities like Melbourne and Sydney.”

For more information about Alpine + Sea, visit the website at

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