SGC Profile – Jason Atwal – Owner, Betty Wilsons Dining Room

Posted on Monday, March 25, 2019

From an apprentice chef at Surfers Paradise’s QT Hotel to now serving up the Southern Gold Coast’s only fine dining pop up experience at Betty Wilson’s Dining Room, Jason Atwal is changing the way we think about degustation with his Kirra venture.

Established in October 2018, the model transforms Kirra’s Zephyr Coffee Company’s daytime space into Betty Wilson’s Dining Room, a fine dining experience by night.

“What makes my business special is the concept we are using; whilst it’s available in other towns and cities, it’s unique to this area,” said Jason.

Taking fine dining to a casual atmosphere over eight delicious and carefully curated courses, Jason is driven by a number of reasons.

“The first is to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for the guests while still enjoying fine dining food.”

“This allows me an opportunity to have a creative outlet to utilise as much fresh local produce as possible and cook what I want, when I want without the restrictions of a menu set by the owner of a restaurant.”

“Lastly, as we only serve a maximum of 12 guests, we are able to offer a much more personalised service. As the chef I help my server deliver each plate of eight courses to the guests and explain to them what the food is and why I am serving it.”

With a focus on fresh, local and seasonal produce, Jason is constantly inspired by the diversity within the region.

“Whilst there are a couple of dishes that haven’t changed at all, most dishes will be regularly replaced or see significant changes along the way. For instance, there is always a fish course, but the type of fish will vary depending on what is available on the day fresh from the ocean.”

Driven by the casual atmosphere of the area, the surf, the choice of great places to eat and drink and the people, Jason says Kirra was the perfect option for his business.

“I have lived on the Southern Gold Coast for over 10 years and choosing to open my business here was simple really. The people are awesome and always open to new ideas. They are also very supportive of new businesses and also want choice.”

For more details or to book your very own fine dining experience, visit Betty Wilson’s Dining room on Facebook here or get in touch with Jason by emailing or calling 0432 609 454.

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