SGC Collateral | Just in Time for Summer

Posted on Thursday, November 19, 2009

SGC Logo 30 x 45Over the next few weeks Rachael and Mike of Connecting Southern Gold Coast will be hitting the pavement with fresh bright new brochures to promote the SGC Region. The SGC Regional Brochure features a stylised map of the region showing just how much of a punch we pack into a small area, info all about the SGC and details each of the eight villages that make up the region. The Top 20 Brochure features 20 of the best things to see, surf, visit dine and enjoy whilst here on holiday! First stop is to visit all of the Accommodation Houses in the region and provide brochure stands packed with these bright glossy brochures that really show off the Southern Gold Coast's assets, highlights and things to see and do! This summer we would love for our visiting tourists to walk away from their holiday with the feeling that they definately chose the right place to take their summer break, knowing that they will be back again to visit our spacious sunkissed shores real soon! So keep your eye out for Mike and Rachael knocking on your door very soon! We look forward to seeing those Accommodation Providers in the coming weeks to deliver this collateral and say hi!

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