Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme to Begin

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

On November 1, 2018, Queensland’s Container Refund Scheme, Containers for Change will begin reducing the amount of beverage container litter entering our environment by providing an incentive for people to collect and return eligible containers for recycling.

What containers can be returned? 
Most drink containers between 150mL and 3 litres will be eligible for refund. For a full list of eligible beverage containers click here 

Excluded containers include:
All plain milk
All cordial or syrups (concentrated)
All concentrated pure fruit or vegetable juice
All registered health tonics
All wine and pure spirits in glass
All containers less than 150mL or greater than 3 litres 

How do I get my refund? 
A network of container refund points will be established across Queensland. You can receive the 10c refund when you take empty eligible drink containers to these container refund points. 

Container refund points may also give the option to donate the 10c refund amount to a preferred charity. CRP locations are currently being finalised and will be published on the website once confirmed. 

What is a donation point?
Donation points will be operated by community organisations or groups, charities or schools. If you take a container to a donation point, you will be donating the 10c refund to the organisation or charity running the donation point. 

For further information visit, phone 13 4CHANGE (13 4242) or email 

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