Promoting your business for next to nix!

Posted on Thursday, September 30, 2010

Promoting your business can be as easy as pie these days, especially when you employ tactics such as Social Media. Though sometimes it takes time and effort to build your fan base before you can begin to really notice a difference in the custom walking through your door. Why not take advantage of the hard work of others, like CSGC, and consider the offer we would like to make to you! Simply put, we need prizes to offer our fan base for a series of competitions we are planning over the coming year. You need some low-cost, but effective promotion. So here's an opportunity for us both to win! A dinner for two, some free accommodation (only one or two nights), free entry or tour, voucher or service may not cost you much other than your overheads and we can provide you with promotion to over 1000 social media users (which is growing every day), special mentions and suggestions for friends to "like" your page which builds your fan base, and an opportunity for you to create more loyal repeat business. Even further to that, we can include some additional free advertising space on , as well as a featured listing for your business in our online directory for the period of the competition! The competitions we are planning to run, will require those entering the competitions to also do some promotion of your social media pages as well, the better the prizes we can put together for the competitions, the more entries and the more promotion, exposure and attention your business will get, and all without you lifting a finger! All you need to do is email us at and outline the prize you wish to donate. Rachael will then be in touch with you to discuss how and when your prize will be used! That way you may also like to consider additional promotions that you would like to run in conjunction with our competition to really give your business a boost! As the saying goes... Many hands make light work!

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