Police Beat with Inspector Bruce Kuhn

Posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Inspector Bruce Kuhn is the new Inspector in charge of the Southern Patrol Group at Coolangatta Police Station. Stay up to date with the latest local news in policing with Inspector Kuhn’s monthly column.

I have recently taken over the Patrol Services, Southern Patrol Group based at Coolangatta from Inspector Greg Baade as a result of a portfolio change for commissioned officers on the Gold Coast. This will provide a fresh start for policing post the Commonwealth Games. Funny how things go around, Greg and I first worked together and shared a house way back in 1987 in Cairns and I think you will find we have very similar attitudes to policing and working with the community.

Greg will be taking over a new portfolio looking at formulating an Integrated Service Delivery model to improve how we do business on the Gold Coast and manage our resources most effectively.

I have spent the last two years in charge of the Gold Coast Major Events Office (as was Greg before he came to Coolangatta), and I trust I too can bring support and experience to the events occurring on the southern end.

Of course the big news for the Gold Coast in the world of policing, unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, is the Commonwealth Games. The volleyball arena popped up like a mushroom and brings that sense of reality to the event and of course the crowds too. We are lucky on the Gold Coast that there will be well over three thousand police here, in addition to our usual numbers, so I’m confident that plans are in place to create a safe environment to everyone concerned and hopefully that is exactly how it will stay for the duration.

Even though the Games will take up a lot of our time, I can guarantee that ‘business as (almost) usual’ policing has been well planned and considered, in order to provide exactly the same response to the community of the Gold Coast today as in the middle of the Games and a large body of work has been done around that. There will probably be a few traffic snarls, but then what city in the world staging a similar event wouldn’t? The opportunity to put the Gold Coast on the map outweighs that and I assume the commercial benefits will follow.

I look forward to meeting so many people involved in the community of the Southern Gold Coast and in particular supporting safe community strategies thought our policing involvement.

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