New Era for Surf World Surf Museum

Posted on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Surf World Gold Coast has announced the election of a new committee at the 2019 AGM on 9 January.

Former Chairman Mal Sutherland and Secretary Karen Hutchinson who established the Gold Coast Surf Museum 10 years ago, resigned in November 2018 to make way for the new Committee.

“This will be a new era with a diverse and exciting new committee blending a strong mix of both qualifications and surfing experience that can only mean great things to come for Surf World”, said new Chairman Rob Ryan.

Patron of Surf World Peter Harris, 1980 Burleigh Stubbies Classic winner, was also proud and honoured to be involved with the incredible group of motivated and talented people announced as the new Committee.

Harris recognised and commended Mal Sutherland, founding members and the prior committee for the strong foundation developed and all the hard work done by the dedicated volunteers.

“Surfing is such a core part of our culture, not only here on the Gold Coast but throughout Australia and we at Surf World are fully committed to expanding our archives and to document our local Surfing history inclusively with detail,” said Peter Harris.

“Together with some exciting new ideas, events, interactive technology and a whole lot of stoke, we hope to further develop the Surf World Surf Museum and continue to make it a must see attraction for all generations of Surfing, non-Surfing, Sports and Australian beach culture fans alike,” he said.

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Pictured: The new Surf World committee (Left to Right) - Brad Finselbach, Susan Antonacci Sorg, Karen Neilsen, Natalie Wain, Gena Dean, Lynn Wade, Angela Collins, Joan Farmer, VP Carl Tanner, President Rob Ryan, Patron Peter Harris and VP Andrew McKinnon. Absent from the photo is Daryl Barnett and Scott Kirk (CWS).

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