New Committee for Cooly Rocks On

Posted on Saturday, November 28, 2015

Cooly Rocks On has elected a new Management Committee to carry the Festival forward in 2016 and beyond. Outgoing Chair Gail O’Neill has handed over the reins to Jimmy Maxwell, however Gail will continue as Vice Chair. An all new executive has been elected and several new members have joined the committee. 

The elected Management Committee now constitutes:
Jimmy Maxwell (Chair)   
Gail O’Neill (Vice Chair / ex officio)
Bob Hancock (Secretary)
Ben Crompton (Treasurer)

Steve Philpot
Sheila Lorraine
Chrisna Westerveld
Rod Liefman
Di Cartmill
Peter Doggett
Bill Tatchell
Scott Roworth (Observer)
Mark O'Brien (Observer)

Congratulations and thanks must go to outgoing Chair Gail O’Neill who has been with the Festival since its inaugural year in 2011. She has presided over a great period of growth and has been an asset to the Festival throughout her years of service. 

We also wish Jimmy Maxwell the best of luck in his new post, and look forward to what 2016 has to bring.  

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