International Headliner Soaks up Southern Gold Coast

Posted on Friday, July 01, 2016

It’s always a pleasure to host our Cooly Rocks On international headliners on the Southern Gold Coast. This year, Canadian Hal Bruce – regarded as the best Beatles solo artist in the world – was able to enjoy plenty of our spectacular winter weather and visit a few of our local attractions with his wife, Lynne.

We had the chance to catch up with Hal before he jetted back to Canada and returned to the festival circuit on home soil.

On his first trip to Australia several years ago, Hal visited Adelaide and was desperate to get back and see the East Coast – and the Southern Gold Coast certainly didn’t disappoint.

“We had such a good time on our days off – the mountains, the wildlife parks, the beaches,” he said.

“This is your winter, but it’s so much like our early summer. It’s similar to home, where I’m from in Nova Scotia, but the beaches here are massive!”

As well as the fans of his music, Hal was taken back with the hospitality he received, a testament to our local operators. “The people in general have been really phenomenal. Even when we met people in town who didn’t know I was a performer at the festival, they were all really nice and treated us so well.”

What did you think of Cooly Rocks On?

“It was completely different to anything I’ve ever done before,” he  said. “I knew it would 1950s and 1960s in a big way, with cars, and I  knew people would be dressed up, but I didn’t realise people would be  in to it so much.

“Lynne and I got caught up in the whole thing. It was really nice to  see the real spirit of the people, the antique cars, they put their heart  and soul into everything. We’ve never seen anything like that. I’ve  played so many music festivals with a similar theme, but this was  totally different.”

Would you come back? “If I was invited back next week, I’d just stay  here! I’d be back in a flash.”

 And we’d be happy to have you back, Hal! For anyone who didn’t get a chance to see one of Hal’s live shows at Cooly Rocks On, you can check him out on YouTube, or at his Facebook page.

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