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Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Connecting Southern Gold Coast is pleased to bring you a regular tip from Business Coach Graham Lock! Graham has over 25 years experience in business development, directorship and business mentorship. Graham has hands on experience with client negotiation, strategic planning and small business ownership. Graham gained most of his experience by owning and operating large retail stores throughout Australia, Asia and more recently successfully running a medium size business he created, internationally acclaimed Bali Flags. Graham is passionate about his clients needs and works tirelessly to help businesses grow and sustain in today's current climate. We are very grateful that he has taken the time to provide this information for the benefit of the Traders in our beautiful region! So thank you Graham! And watch this space next month for another valuable tip from Graham! This month we look at how you can get the most out of the Christmas Trading Season!

Maximising Your Christmas Trade and Helping Your Clients at the Same Time

Christmas for me in retail was always a time that I looked forward too, one of the few occasions that regardless of how good or bad you are as a retailer could guarantee a quick kick to the cash flow, and isn't that what we all want. Our choices and preparation at this time of the year can help turn this increased cash flow into a lot more than just an increased trickle. Right now your potential future Christmas clients are already thinking about their Christmas Shopping, and we need to do everything possible to make it as easy as possible for them to purchase these gifts from you. Here is a list of suggestions that can be implemented straight away.
  • Windows need to be sign written with a Christmas Feel and a Big Lay-By Now for Christmas, if you do not have suitable windows, you must create large signage and place Lay-By for Christmas signs on as much merchandise as possible, all of your staff need to be offering this lay-by facility and mentioning it to everyone that is looking for a Christmas gift.
  • Purchase a few large rolls of Christmas wrapping paper, and Pre Pack piles of different products and display them in stacks of Christmas Gifts for $20.00- $40.00 - $60.00- $80.00 - $100.00 and up. Have the pre wrapped stock in a pile under an open version of the product. The client already knows how much they want to spend on Uncle Harry, the priced and pre wrapped gifts make this whole decision making process so much easier for them and will increase your spontaneous sales, Believe me, this works.
  • Make an effort in store to create a festive spirit, even a Christmas tree with lights and some Christmas music playing in a loop in the background will help stimulate sales at this time of the year. Yes you may get tired of the music, but remember your customers do not.
  • Lay-By, I did mention this earlier, but if you are not promoting LayBy for Christmas now you are already losing business, once you have helped your customer commit to their Christmas shopping, you have also taken a load of their mind and guaranteed additional $$ in the till, if you are not doing this already Start It Now.
  • Are you and your staff now answering the telephone with Merry Christmas Thankyou for calling Fred Smiths Shoe Shop, Graham speaking, if not why not, we need to do everything possible to reinforce the message that Christmas is very close and you need to be purchasing your presents now. Often my staff would complain about this, but I see it as a not negotiable, every call should be answered this way between now and Christmas, NO Excuse, and staff must do as directed.
  • Lastly and I am repeating myself again, a neatly stacked pre wrapped and stacked according to price points series of Christmas Gifts that are also clearly price marked will increase your Christmas sales, do not have discreetly placed price stickers that your clients need to go looking for, at this time of the year, and the closer it gets to Christmas the more important this becomes, prices from $20.00 upwards each price point with its own stack, will work wonders. Your job is to make this as easy as possible for your client.

Written by Graham Lock mng dir retail business consultant


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