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Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Within the next year, traditional electricity supply costs are predicted to skyrocket by around 20%. We are likely to see further cost increases in coming years resulting from carbon pollution reduction measures and growing demand, particularly in South East Queensland and northern NSW. As the peak environmental body for the Gold Coast region, Gecko is proud to be part of the solution with an exciting new initiative offering affordable, high quality, solar power and solar hot water systems. The benefits are great:

•    No upfront cost! •    Pay off monthly (with the savings you’ll be making on your electricity bill!) •    Uses current government rebate incentives •    Secures your home energy supply, long-term •    Provides a possible source of income •    Reduces greenhouse gas emissions •    High quality systems, and excellent long-term warranties and support

This opportunity comes thanks to an innovative alliance between Gecko, the Maleny Credit Union, and leading Queensland-based solar solution provider, Ingenero. In the face of rising electricity prices, switching to solar will substantially reduce your household’s energy consumption, save on your electricity bills and shield you from predicted further increases. Currently you can expect a 1.08kW solar power system to reduce your household’s energy bills by between $380 and $470 a year and cut household greenhouse gas emissions by around 30%. What’s more, replacing an electric hot water system with solar is the single most effective action householders can take to reduce their power bills and carbon footprint.

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