Farewell Message from Cr Chris Robbins

Posted on Monday, February 29, 2016

It's been a real pleasure representing the residents and business community in Division 14 for the last 11 years and I thank everyone for their support. When you have such a wonderful community, full of caring people who volunteer their time and are willing to put up their hands to make the area a better place, it certainly makes the job a lot easier and I think we have had some wonderful outcomes. 

From the birth of Surf World to the declaration of both National and World Surfing Reserves and the extension of the Kirra groyne, we have seen a lot of action on the surfing front. Our events have flourished with new ones such as Bleach*, Opera, Cooly Rocks On, Tugun Lights Up and Buskers by the Creek adding much to an already crowded events schedule. We have acquired several hectares of new sporting fields and, as well, many hectares of environmentally significant land have been added to our southern land portfolio. We have invested over $10 million in our Oceanway and it is now possible to get from Pt Danger to Currumbin Creek on public land all along the foreshore, which is a great outcome! 

We also have created a great new community centre on Kirra Hill and a community garden in Tugun and have improved the facilities in many of our parks. All these things have contributed to enrich our community and our lives and I am proud and grateful to have been a part of this story.

Connecting Southern Gold Coast has been created and is adding so much to our economy, while the recent creation of the Southern Gateway Advisory Committee has increased our ability to be heard in Council on local issues. Our volunteer organisations are under pressure but are holding their own, with our three Volunteer Rural Fire Brigades continuing to protect out hinterland while the Volunteer Marine Rescue organisations and the volunteer surf life savers continue to protect us in the water. It's been my pleasure to assist these, and our many other volunteer groups, throughout my time in council and I am hopeful that the community here will continue to support our volunteers and also to assist them.

I wish you all the best for the future and ask that you choose your next councillor wisely, as we have a wonderful area and it needs a committed individual who will work hard to keep it that way. Find out who is running and then ask them their views on issues that matter to you! Elections are important, please be informed and vote wisely.

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