Coolangatta/Tweed Community Safety Committee

Posted on Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Recent adverse publicity about the safety of some precincts in our region has necessitated us taking an interest in the matter from an economic perspective. I am sure our readers appreciate that residents and tourists alike want to live in a community where they can feel safe to enjoy the wonderful cultural and natural attributes of our region. The facts are that the recent adverse publicity is nothing more than uninformed sensationalism and does not recognise the massively favourable decline in unsavoury incidents in our beautiful region, as reported by the authorities in both the SGC and our important neighbour, the Tweed region. Further the reports have given no recognition whatsoever to the wonderful work of the Coolangatta/Tweed Community Safety Committee which has been in operation for over 5yrs and has been very committed to addressing causes and effects at the social and community level. Our company's view is that this Committee, along with the great cooperation of the police forces and community service providers, on both sides of the border, have been fundamental to improving, what is always a work in progress for any community in Australia. THATS THE GOOD NEWS! Finally, Jim Wilson, our General Manager, has written to the author of a number of articles and asked him to meet in order to learn the context in which our wonderful communities are addressing the concerns which are being published. The author has already agreed to meet with him in the near future with a view to a mutually beneficial outcome. Our objective is that he will take a continuing interest in THE GOOD NEWS and publish it, rather than needlessly deflating our community spirit and turning away tourists, who are a major creator of jobs and opportunity for our close-knit communities and precincts. Keep spreading THE GOOD NEWS!

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