Building Sustainable Small Business

Posted on Monday, October 05, 2009


This popular series of workshops is now coming to the Southern Gold Coast - designed specifically for the challenges and opportunities in our unique region - enrol now to secure your place. Explore and learn about sustainability and its relevance to your small business and our region through practical, handson learning, lively discussion, interactive networking, and planning. Focused on small business and enterprise minimising risks and preparing to become more resilient, innovative and networked - highlighting the close links betweenindividual business success and building up the resilience and innovation of theSouthern Gold Coast economy. Suitable for all business sectors and including specialist guest speakers. Facilitated by sustainability educator, Dr Sally MacKinnon. Click here to enrol now! bssb-enrolment-form Workshop One: Tuesday, 6 October Local Living Economy: How a vibrant local economy builds successful small business There's a new story emerging about the limits to global industrialised economic systems and its called Local Living Economies (LLE) - find out the importance of a strong LLE, the benefits it can bring to the Southern Gold Coast region, and how your business can be part of it. Workshop Two: Wednesday, 28 October Resource Sustainability: Minimising your business risks and costs, and lightening your eco-footprint Understand the ecological and energy crisis, the risks to our businesses, the strengths and opportunities for action, and the potential benefits for your business. Workshop Three: Tuesday, 17 November Strategic Sustainability: How networking, collaboration and cooperation can leverage your business Why collaboration, cooperation and networking are so important and taking the next steps toward overall resource and strategic sustainability. Workshop format .... Three morning workshops over two months bringing together up to 30 small business owners, operators and key staff. Attend one, two or all three workshops to suit your commitments. Includes extensive sustainability planning resources.

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