The Language of the Wind - Bleach* Festival

When: 06-Apr-2018 - 08-Apr-2018
Where: Greenmount Headland
Time: Various times throughout the day
Cost: Free
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The Language of the Wind — Yargeh Wadjeleh, is a sound installation created by emerging Indigenous leader Kyle Slabb, with Elders from South East Queensland and North West New South Wales.

Held at Greenmount Headland from 6 - 8 April, it will sound at intervals throughout the day and these powerful and evocative calls to country will interrupt and permeate the natural landscape. 

Exploring the concept of multi-layered cultural planes, this project combines a series of incredibly rich and moving soundscapes of local songlines, which correlate to traditional Indigenous notions of place (Jagun) and time (Guriahbu).

Yargeh Wadjeleh is guaranteed to stir; enveloping you in a sound-ocean of ancient knowledge and the language of the wind.